Office Supplies

An office is a busy place that requires a reliable supply of stationery and other office products for it to function properly. We understand this and that is why we are a dependable option for all your office equipment needs.

Our approach ensures your specific requirements are met with quality products at fair prices, warranties and other relevant supporting structures. The office products we supply range from:

Reliable supply of office equipment and stationery for smooth operations

  • Papers, envelopes, writing and graphic supplies, desktop accessories and labels.
  • Books, pads, diaries, organizers, filing and archival storage.
  • Accounting, personnel files, binders, indices, office tapes and adhesives.
  • Continuous stationery, clips and fasteners.
  • Computers and laptops.
  • Photocopiers, printers, ETRs and their consumables.
  • Computer parts like keyboards, screens and hard disks.
  • Related consumables like flash disks, printing papers, printer inks, toners and cartridges.

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